day 24 for!


A set of twins as an xmas gift. This painting was cut in half so each owner could have the art of their twin mailed to them. They will be made whole again when the two owners meet in person at a future date.

Each half is 4"x6". I really like doing these symmetrical cut-apart paintings. I'll post pics of the ready-to-mail cards later once I get them prepped.

A Promptober piece for Kuroraion ( ) with the prompt, Marshmallow! Looks like they are enjoying them instead of popcorn while watching a movie or something.

Progress video/Speed paint at

a scribble of a mc from triaina academy i did a day or two ago !

New drawings up in the store: Gemstone & Gemstone Fracture

Still playing with layered colors but trying some new configurations. Four colored micron pens on bristol board.

💖☁️ soft ☁️💖

Testing out a new display tablet for Gaomon tablets 🎨

Maybe a bit too late, but I was in a bit of a mood yesterday. I ended up making this small thing as a perspective experiment, since I suck at all angles other then front. :blobfoxlaugh:

These two seem to cause trouble everywhere they go! But you can't really be mad at them. I mean, you can, but it won't do any good.

Made in and

i felt like making a ghost/water fakemon

I have access to a very fancy microscope and realized it could also be utilized to enlarge more than work-samples. 👀

So I stayed a bit longer after work today to take some pictures of printed out postcards! 👨‍🔬

Below is the magnified view of a picture which I've drawn with my boyfriend. (I will post the picture in a reply post, so you can compare!)

The single points of a printer dot look so voluminous at x2000 magnification. :0

Hey everyone, three days left if you are thinking about purchasing calendar for 2021!

Oh I should probably post this. I finished this drawing two nights ago, but because life has been busy I totally forgot to share it! Filo is a character I played in a oneshot the other night. They're a living doll.

New 3 button, basic vest for male template