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It's super rough, but I did the today. I started it off using my tablet for a change.

Cats! These two are ready to fly to your home 🐱 anaisfae.art/shop

My ultimate dream is to live in a cottage and work at a library... maybe some day; I am already getting ready to study library science, so I am definitely working towards that.

I like the version without the full background, so I am uploading that one too.
I guess it is sort of a self portrait?

Didn't want to stop drawing for that long.

So here's a wip.

A warm up I did yesterday... Except I didn't actually do anything else after

Me: *buys oversized light box*

Also me: *still has to shoot vertical to get all the dragons in the shot without getting the box sides in it*

I think I can fix that with one of the lenses in the set I got, soon's I remember where I put that set. Somewhere safe, I'm sure.

(Also some of these dragons are on sale; technically so is Love Dragon if you use the WELCOMEBACK10 coupon but that's a secret. etsy.com/shop/silverseams?sect )

This might not be the most exciting image out there, but it was exceedingly exciting for me– it was my first snow!


Here a next cropped portion of my last weeks collage.

It was intended to be eyes looking from the clouds... however.

Gold tooth
a molar, maybe lost on a pirate island...

name them

done for a gelenjeleton on twit 🌙