Always wanted to analyze your and see what's inside? Plenty of solutions for that. But easy for the "average Jane & Joe"?

New arrival in my repo, and soon-to-be on @fdroidorg (hopefully): App Manager

Basic app info, activities, libraries (incl. Exodus-Scan) – for the advanced also Manifest, class dumps, create shortcuts to launch any activity directly…

Wanna try? Go ahead, grab it! 😃

If you want to get an overview over all those Covid-19 apps that popped up like mushrooms lately, take a look at

And who would have guessed what servers most of them connect to (Facebook, App-Measurement, TagManager… all those ones we "love"). Not really "healthy". But did you really expect something else?

Does someone know when we can expect LineageOS-microG 17.1 builds? LineageOS 17.1 exists already for many devices but it seems like all LineageOS-microG builds are stuck on 16 and don't get any updates since the upstream builds switched to 17.1. 😥

Die Liste untersuchter Covid-19 Apps ist nach Ländern sortiert. Die derzeit 7 deutschen Kandidaten findet Ihr hier:

Reicht, denke ich, um die Finger davon zu lassen. Bei etlichen Apps scheint "Covid-19" nur das zu sein, was die spärlich bekleideten Modelle in der Autowerbung sind (oder die geplante Kaufprämie bei Dreckschleudern).

Dites les utilisateurs de #silence sur #android :
Depuis la dernière update depuis fdroid j'ai plus les notifications sonores. J'ai bien la visuelle mais plus un son.
Si je vais dans les réglages de l'appli pour sélectionner un autre son, ça plante à l'ouverture du menu dédié et je me retrouve sur la liste des sms.
Si je vais dans les réglages android pour changer le son de notif par défaut, pas de souci.
Ça vous le fait aussi ?

Degoogle a Google phone

"With all the privacy and security concerns going on with our smartphones. I wanted to switch today and not wait any longer. So in this video, I go over and moving to a completely google service free ecosystem. I go over what works and what doesn't. "