An important message from Louis Rossmann:

#Apple did one step backward because people complained. Keep doing that!

Apple a juste fait un pas en arrière parce que des gens se sont plaints… Continuons!

#RightToRepair cc @eff

Ich kann den #QT #onlineinstaller also nicht benutzen ohne einen bekackten Account zu erstellen?!

Im ernst? Und das wird damit begründet, das ich damit ein besseres Nutzererlebnis habe?!

Himmel wo sind wir gelandet, bei #Microsoft? Oder #Apple?

The way Apple thinks I should update my software isn't compatible with the internet connections I can get.

MacOS has the most pitiful downloader ever. No partial downloads, no retries, it just times out and starts over at the start of a multi-GB file. And not even automatically at that, either.

And you can't just go on the website and get a download URL to feed to wget, that would be too easy. The updates aren't listed there and/or the search is super useless.

#apple #macos #software #fail