Do you paint & have fun with
@krita? If you like, post your recent work with this wonderful open-source software in this thread :).

I’m curious! If you’ve seen it, what was your favorite part of episode 1?

Two of my original "Travelers" still waiting for a home, now on sale at Gallery Nucleus!🙃 🎉

For 20% off use code: GOBBLE20

sale ends on nov 30th.

Need 3d artist?


Once again asking for a retweet if you would be so kind? I am currently looking for work so if you're in need of a 3D Artist let me know! Portfolio:

Appreciation for all and their !

Some old limited palette speedpaints.

L’ de « Tartine n°3 » avance bien… :)
Venez vite en profiter (et me soutenir, si vous appréciez mon travail), sur !

Long day in dentist chairs, ending with a root canal, inspires today's drawing.

Well, the post-op pain is different but inspired today's drawing.

WIP « Tartine n°3 » : ombres & lumières… ;)

Vous aimez ?
Aidez (on est à 99% du seuil « double ex-libris », et le seuil « double  » n’est plus très loin !) :

Added color! I was on the fence about keeping the sketch lines on top, in the end I liked it more like this.

Pierre Carrier-Belleuse's "Young Ballerina Holding a Black Cat" shows us a pretty girl with soft arms, a pink dress, reddish wavy hair, and a cute expression, making for an adorably feminine sight.

« Tartine n°3 » WIP ( In Progress) ;)

Vous aimez ?
Aidez :

Prints in a while - I've got a massive queue ahead of this one - but I just finished the final bits 20 minutes ago, and holy crap I'm happy with it. Totally lost count of the number of layers.

When prints do go up, they'll be over here:

Oh I should probably post this. I finished this drawing two nights ago, but because life has been busy I totally forgot to share it! Filo is a character I played in a oneshot the other night. They're a living doll.