This is defo one of my favorite pieces that I've done (I actually still have it, haven't sold it yet oops). It's been a while since I painted it and I still remember those scales being a pain in the ass, but I still really like the composition and the colors. UwU 🧜‍♀️
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Coucou !
Nous avons atteint les 35% pour la première journée du Ulule ! Merci à vous !
Aujourd'hui, je vous présente le scan de la page que j'ai peinte hier ! Vous aimez ? ^^

Pour ceux qui se demandent comment je travaille : Sur cette page, vous pourrez voir les différentes étapes de travail qui ont mené à cette peinture 😉 :

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Small commission for a friend on Discord. 😄 I don't know DanMachi and thus also don't know Argonaut, but I hope I did him somewhat justice. 😅

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#Art : I know it's not totally made with free softwares (at least #b3d) BUT amazing pieces from Marceau NAKAYAMA !! 🤩 The nostalgic story of two brothers (that reminds me a little Tekkonkinkreet / 鉄コン筋クリート)

#84: "There are FOUR colors"

If you like my art, I appreciate feedback, boosts and ko-fis (from people who're able to!)

If you want to acquire the physical canvas, I these as "Pay what you want/can" to the first one who claims it. I need my costs for materials and shipping covered and hope to get a bit extra as my art is very not covering its costs at the moment


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*hits blunt* Reach your the stars, even if u miss, you’ll be in fucking space *releases massive cloud of smoke from my lungs*
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I’m moving out early and that means shelling out extra $$$ so if you grab a commission or throw me a Kofi that would rule! Discounts for Pokémon themed ones, extra discount for starters, plus discounts for additional figures on ALL comm types available:


In November of 2015, I visited #Lapland (northern #Finland) and London. I haven't posted those photos here, so I'll dribble them out over the next few weeks.

I shot the entire trip in B&W on #Kodak #TriX film. No color vacation photos for me! I'm not old school, I'm ancient school!

Here are the first two shots of the roll. Appropriately, the museum in #Helsinki had a Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibit!

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time to make a delivery.