SLP268 @peterktodd Should Signal Have Used #Bitcoin Instead?

We chat:
- MobileCoin centralisation
- Tradeoffs of using Bitcoin and Lightning instead
- The future for private messaging

#Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies started with the goal to replace the existing system they considered to be broken. It took 10 years to end as just another asset that supposedly broken world will happily trade. It became their own enemy. #sarcasm

What an utter nonsense @nytimes #Bitcoin
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“Ethererum has said it is moving toward proof of stake and Bitcoin is expected to eventually follow.”

It’s frankly absurd that the @nytimes could publish this nonsense, which speaks volumes about the awful state of MSM Bitcoin coverage today.

Unlike other fields/markets, #Bitcoin Twitter is "FIERCE" because is comprised of Anons & Well-Capitalized individuals. They don't fear reprisal of peers, job loss or financial censorship

BT for all it's beauty and flaws is just a taste of what ancap world may look like.

10/10 The article is concluded by stating that:

1) Bitcoin is designed to become more expensive - forever

2) No tops or rubber bands holding the #bitcoin price to any level

3) Given the obvious increasing demand, at some point demand increase > supply increase, which means 🚀

Sovereignty is the power to say No.

#Bitcoin gives free people everywhere the power to say No:

No inflation. No confiscation. No monopolization. No counterfeiting. No censorship. No interruptions. No down time. No political authority. No borders.

H/t: @HillebrandMax

I mean, seriously. Crypto folks now *celebrating* that the existing system accepts and trades with #Bitcoin as progress - what is wrong with you?

Shitcoin's feed off of the high time preference mentality - fooled me last cycle - never again will I make that mistake

#Bitcoin is where the King's Play

Bank of America charges $45 for USD international wires, and hides the fees in the exchange rate for other currencies.

#Bitcoin is struggling with scalability, and transaction fees are at historic high, but still better than many banks.

The most challenging part of coming into #Bitcoin is admitting to yourself you were wrong.

Most cantillionaires will struggle with that concept.

Humility precedes HODLing.

#Bitcoin declutters your life
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Look around. Find the things you have but don't really need. Convert them into bitcoin.

Every fiat investor is fighting the last war.
They don't realize that #Bitcoin wrecks their models.

The English longbow, the AK-47 and stealth bombers changed warfare. Except #Bitcoin is more impactful than that.

#Bitcoin is the nuclear bomb. Good luck trying to fight it.

Satoshis Per USD ⓢ1,597
waiting for
Satoshis Per USD ⓢ100

#bitcoin has unlimited room to grow

"If you think, we don't need Bitcoin, come and live here!" - @franamati on #Bitcoin in #Argentina

How people need to circumvent
* strict capital controls
* an inflation of 50%
* confiscation through fake exchange rates with #Bitcoin

Don't watch the news. Don't pay attention to those that want to put you into a state of fear. "Being informed" is not a virtue, it's a mind virus that's used to control you.

Instead of being anxious, focus on doing something for the future. Like saving.

#Bitcoin not news

Your Unit of Account Matters

Measure everything against #Bitcoin
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Casual shitcoin flipper bragging to me about turning 20k into 180k and was now going to flip it into bitcoin...

I asked a few questions and found out bitcoin was $800 when she first bought... so she could've had 25 coins...

Instead she might end up with 2 after cap gains.

Magical internet money makes me happy 😃

Let your fears and ego behind, join us!



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