Found a Message in block 666,666: "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good - Romans 12:21"

The energy going into is tremendous.

Trading - Watching the Hourly Symmetric Triangle, which way will price break?


Reality: Ethereum is still down 75% from its all-time high in terms

Do not be fooled by shitcoins. They exist to take your bitcoin.

node count rising massively again 🙂
(data:, graphic:

It's so satisfying to know that people like this will be the last to own .

The power of memes and what they mean. Taproot ring signatures, 0.21.0 features, newbie guide, Bitcoin is money and time, SV sucks at Bitcoin, Morgan Stanley buying MS stock and many interviews!

Tech Talk Issue #223

This is corporate media coverage of .

watching at 36k as if nothing happened while the world is on the verge of collapse gives me a better understanding of Buddhism

Are there any critics left who aren't just extremely bitter because they sold/didn't buy earlier? Honest question.

SLP244 @timevalueofbtc : The Safest Layer

Nik and I talk:
- his new book, Layered Money
- how the layers interact
- how they evolved
- IOUs and claims
- Lightning Network
- Bitcoin's role in our future monetary system

Listen and share!

block number 666,666 was mined. Here are a picture of my Kindle Bitcoin display.

Right and Left, doesn't care.

Bull Market FUD Bingo Card...

I scored 8 out of 12 by reading nocoiner tweets today.

How many can you get today ?



But there are 7 billion, there will be a shortage.
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If you own one , you have absolute mathematical certainty that *at most* 21 million other human beings can ever have as much BTC as you do.


The alphabet crew (pronouns in bio) are going to be so confused when they try to ban/steal

is the evolutionary algorithm; one that obliterates barriers, glimmers with glory, and delivers lasting peace.

H/t: @davidgoggins

maybe many don't realize it, but an anonymous programmer about a decade ago created a digital currency of pure energy, we helped it to become one of the most important currencies in the world, this thing is really wonderful, I think about it every day and I'm convinced it's the most incredible thing has ever witnessed

I don't have enough good things to say about Robert Breedlove and Michael Saylor's conversation about .

This podcast series is a masterclass!


Watching commies try to find reconciliation between Bitcoin and Communism is absolutely hilarious.

Central bank's power growing weaker every 10 minute at a time

12 blocks to block 666,666

BSV is a train wreck, ruled by scammers. It steadily loses its value against . Even some hardcore scam vision beavers seems to take notice these days

Stop rambling around "defending ", but not USING BITCOIN!
Get into Bitcoin TODAY, if you want freedom tomorrow!

$350,000 (USD) by December, 2021.

Write it down.


No-coiners when you talk about

Amazing time talking with @garyvee and @PeterMcCormack recently about and “The Sovereign Individual” thesis.

Gary asked great questions and is making his descent into the rabbit hole!

A great prelude to a deeper dive on this topic Peter and I will be taking soon...
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Monster show for you legends...

...@garyvee is back on WBD, this time alongside @breedlove22, getting into why we think wins …

Bullish on people figuring out their money is a scam

A conversation from the future..

Kid:"Hey Dad, how come all my friend's parents are rich & we're poor despite the great 2020s bull run?

@DavidFeder "Sorry kiddo, I invested our savings into a shitcoin & all we have left is the HEX tattoo as a reminder that we "

Nothing to see here, it's all a ponzi. Keep exchanging your life units for fiat money. Thank you.
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Grayscale were buying $251 M of on avg per week in Q4 2020.

Last week they did $700 M in 1 day...

And today $590 M...

Pay attention 👀

So the only critics left are the ones that sold early/didn't buy and conveniently don't understand the basic laws of thermodynamics?

Losers focus on price action.

Winners are stacking sats.

Great written work by @anilsaidso conveying the historical significance of !!
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My latest piece via @Nasdaq.

Bitcoin And The Printing Press

"The Bitcoin protocol is the modern day printing press. It’s democratizing access to sound money in the same way that Gutenberg’s innovation democratized access to knowledge."

It is your responsibility as a compassionate human being to go all in

Very few.

Block 666666

The apple from the garden has been eaten, there is no going back now.

The future is ours, .

Happy block 666666 🤡

Can't wait for many sMaRt bitcoiners to sell their stack at $200k following patterns of previous halvings thinking they will buy back cheaper in the bear market but keeps going to $1M.

This bull run is different. Don't get burned.

So now we have environmentalists back on top who are convinced that is bad for the environment? these people have no idea what they are talking about

I'm ready to kill to protect my possession of bitcoin because men in the future will be ready to murder for your .

The block 666.666 is about to be mined...
Is this the FINAL COUNTDOWN for all nocoiners to wake the fuck up?!
Hey nocoiners, if you do not wake the fuck up, then.... HFSP!

A deep dive on monetary history, banking, and

Really enjoyed the conservation today @GeorgeGammon—thanks for having me on!!
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NEW INTERVIEW!! The one YOU’VE been waiting for! If you have an interest in this is a MUST WATCH!! 🔥🤯👍

Robert Breedlove (Bitcoin Deep Dive, Gold Standard, Banking Past/Present... via @YouTube

Thx @breedlove22

Just 26 blocks (~4.3 hours) to go until block 666,666 👿

breaks all these rules.

The people celebrating an ETH all-time high haven't upgraded to better money yet.
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@cz_binance ETH is only near all-time high if you're measuring it in shitty money like dollars.

It is shortly to have in enhanced beast mode 666666, many short sellers will be sacrificed on the altar

Trading - $ETH Broke out, Now It's $BTC's Time!
I'm still Bullish and now 100% invested in this breakout!!!
* Ignoring the Tether & Mt.Gox fear cause the charts tell me to!!!

The demand for a money stems from its supply and security assurances.

is the only money with an absolutely fixed supply.

is the only money that can be secured in custody schemas immune to confiscation.

If you understand physics, then you would not be saying "energy is wasted".

This is untrue. Energy is converted from one form to another and the sum total remains constant before and after conversion.

is energy preserved across time and space.

Ah, that explains it.

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Wee, I just received my first .

Bitcoin consensus upgrade lifecycle:


BIP proposed

Ecosystem feedback

Protocol implementation

Network activation

Service adoption

Taproot ⌛
Protocol implementation ✔️

Bitcoin Core v0.21.0
[This release implements the proposed Taproot consensus rules (BIP341 and BIP342), without activation on mainnet]

Stop worrying about your credit score and buy more

🦖🏃🏻‍♂️🏁 Even in the race of Nocoiner Dinosaur Investors for ....

@PeterSchiff will come in last 😝

Almost everyone who will be using hasn't been born yet.

You're INCREDIBLY early!

will never die, this one and it will be in the mind and heart of those who initiated and of those who are here, I celebrated it together with them and with all of you, so yes, it is a mathematical experiment, it has brought magic to my life and to all of your lives surely too :bitcoin: 😍

is just like the Brain Bug, if said bug was benevolent.

Inb4 Grayscale FUD
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Grayscale now holds 3% of all that will ever exist.

The energy footprint of cryptocurrencies is extreme. Is there any energy-efficient solution in sight?

"Mining hashrate is a key security metric. The more hashing (computing) power in the network, the greater its security and its overall resistance to attack. Although Bitcoin’s exact hashing power is unknown, it is possible to estimate it from the number of blocks being mined and the current block difficulty."

Bitcoin Hash Rate (7DMA)




  is about
money... because it is not
about the money

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Market Cap: $11.666 T
Market Cap: $683.64 B

Progress (Bitcoin surpassing Gold)
▓░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 5.86%

:bitcoin: $BTCXAU

"Bitcoin relies upon two sources of unpre­dictability: trans­ac­tions and proof-of-work. Just like nobody can predict what tomor­row’s newspaper will look like, nobody can predict what the next block will look like. You can’t predict what trans­ac­tions are going to be included because you can’t predict what trans­ac­tions are going to be broad­cast in the future." - DerGigi

Episode 348 of Bitcoin And . . . is LIVE!

Topics for today:
- FUD continues
- McCaleb dumps 28.6 million $xrp
- @thndrgames hits 100,000 downloads
- The 'Evil' block
- Australian sues his bank
- Barry Silbert wants all the


In 2020 on average, ~ $75 worth of payments occurred per kWh, about 750x the average electrical energy cost of $0.10/kWh. Bitcoin doesn't waste energy, it uses it incredibly economically efficiently. @bitcoinmagazine []

If only our country was on the brink of war and some super fucking old guy was promising to save us all by diluting our current curreny into oblivion.... Oh wait
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A larger monthly jump to $48K would create a nice gap between monthly dots. These gaps usually mark the point of no return (red arrows), i.c. the phase transition to

Hello () world

Send testnet Bitcoins to the BTC bouncer and it will send them back to your address!

Let me tell yall something. Bitcoin is one weird way to say anonymous. In fact it was never meant for anonymous. If I knew your bitcoin ID, I can track all your purchases. Why does everyone think bitcoin is anonymous when its easier to track thsn credit card?

curious to see a decentralized network catch on with the world.

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The move to Portugal is in the works. 21 rooms near the ocean.
A place where you can sleep, talk have a coffee. Nocoiners welcome too, we will educate. Some great art will be displayed. Possible yearly conference 😁⚡️🌞🍗🥩🍔🍻