So miners are buying and firing up closed fossil-fuled power plants now?

Can we stop this fscking madness now, please? 😡

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Fucking told yah 🤣😂🍿
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Coinbase vs #Bitcoin?

Look at this disgrace:

CFO just dumped 100% of his stock
CPO dumped 97%
CEO -71%
President -63%
Chief Accountant -86%

Meanwhile #Bitcoin supply is shrinking every day.

Choose wisely 🤔

Messages like this fuel my fire for #Bitcoin philosophy and the rise of Sovereignism 🙏♾

The Interesting Case Of 'The Zaïre'... The Question MMT Cannot Answer

"The only currency with any value was the old zaïre—and the value had nothing to do with any fiat issued by the government, but instead the understanding of a sector of the population that because the old zaïre was no longer being printed, it could act as a reasonably safe store of value."

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The world is becoming a video game.
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Shortages start when people see goods as a better store of value than the currency in use.

#Bitcoin is going to stave off shortages and will allow for a much softer landing when serious inflation hits.

👀 peep the no masks and packed conference in China...
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#Bitcoin mining still hot in China, with this year’s hydro season coming soon. Event hosted by @officialpoolin and @btcinchina is so packed right now.

#Bitcoin Now Consolidating Above $60k, What's Next?

#Liberland - 6th Anniversary of Liberland's Independence is today. April 17th. For those of you who want to live in a free country, start by obtaining Liberland E-Residency. Then work your way up to Citizenship. You can pay with #Bitcoin.

3/ Many people fear the changes #Bitcoin will bring. I think only authoritarian leaders have to be scared, it takes their power away shifting from a top-level hierarchy to a set of mathematical rules that can’t be corrupted.

#Bitcoin ➡️ $60,000 ➡️ RUN IT.

The only thing a fiat coin can be good for is for you to toss it in the air 256 times and get the binary digits of a random private key for your #bitcoin :bitcoin: wallet.