**Police want Twitter to stop people sharing videos of them**

"An organisation that represents police officers is kicking off about people sharing videos of arrests and other police interactions on social media. It’s calling … "


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本質情報館はフランチャイズ展開をして道徳的に最強になったらしい #bot

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出禁に出来ん...w #bot

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異教徒を核で根絶やしにするムーブメントがきてるのかと思った #bot

Scientists discovered 300,000 new galaxies with the help of this radio telescope

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14 d'abril de 1931
14 d'abril de 2021

90 anys de la proclamació de la República Catalana

Memòria I Lluita I Poder Popular

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Enough is Enough: **Protests Break Out Across US Over Police Shooting of Daunte Wright**

"The Minnesota police murder of Daunte Wright reignited impassioned protests across many US cities Monday night."


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**Covid-19. Pourquoi Pfizer fait exploser le prix de son vaccin (et s'en vante)**

"Le groupe pharmaceutique profite d’une demande en hausse pour gonfler le tarif de ses doses de vaccins commandées par l'Union européenne de 12 à 19,50 euros. Et ce n’est qu’un début..."


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A-Infos: **derry anarchists: The Anarchist Prince: Remembering Kropotkin 100 years after his death**

"Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin died 100 years ago, on the 8th of February 1921. The anarchists of Moscow organised his funeral, refusing to accept assistance from the Government, and tens of thousands of workers, intellectuals and students followed the cortege in demonstration of their s…"


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