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How awesome is this? I got an magic from my wife! (Magic: The mug is completely black, and only when a hot beverage is poured into it do the white borders and the logo appear). An essential for my ! 😁 :emacs:

How to open specific Emacs programs directly without opening emacs and then opening them.

For example I want to open dired without opening emacs first, what command should I use?

Also Emacs is running as Deamon in background.

I'm looking into some history and searching emacs-devel online is tedious, so I bit the bullet and started fetching a searchable copy:

- has mbox files starting from 2000, I've downloaded them with `wget --mirror` and got 1.31G of files.
- mbox is a terrible format, mblaze and friends support maildir instead.
- Therefore I've started a conversion job with `mdeliver -M maildir < mailbox/*` into a maildir created with `mmkdir maildir`, let's see how long that will take and how many email files we're speaking of...