The princesses each received a kitten from their fairy-godmother. All were aghast, except for the oldest, who couldn't have been more delighted, and ended up adopting all six.

They rode in her sleeves, on her shoulders and in the pockets of her skirts, if they weren't running under her skirts; thankfully she was too graceful to be tripped.

They soon grew to be the size of horses and sprouted wings.

Her sisters really missed out!

Coucou c'est

Que ce soit un un une un une
un un de la de l' de la de la

Bref ...

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My entry for the CDC Challenge of July : Fairies Kingdom

I wanted to do something with a dark skinned faerie with red head

Yet another OC redesign (+ rename) plus I created her a brother as well because additional drama is needed via sibling rivalry. Meet Naevia and Livius ✨