A relevant post, in my opinion.

I believe the choice of ignoring, Muting and Blocking content and Users, remote instances is BEST dealt with by the User him/herself.

Mastodon HAS this built in, ANY user can do it. I consider it one of the great features of , as compared to corporate networks (TW, FB and others).

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Here is us surfing the :fediverse:

Does it matter, what Instance you Choose ?

A good test, and visual proof that What Instance you Use does matter.

A screenshot of a post I made at another one of my accounts - the one at Hackers.Town.

I felt people there would like to see it, and it could benefit from their connections and exposure.

It certainly did. (as shown by the high Boost number, a rate event at some other accounts I use.)

HT is cool, I like them. They like me too, as I have made contributions there also. Fediverse is good like that.

BTW -- that post in the screenshot DOES deserve a read -- very informative. Short tweets, about 13 of them, very enlightening.

Big thanks to @thegibson for HT.

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Kind of want to start a community instance, but I have no idea what the topical theme should be, or whether that matters. But I think it could be really fun, and if done right, could be a very valuable thing for the #fediverse.

Has any work been done how much money, collectively, the costs to operate (or self-funds)?

Curious of the ratio of cost per user to that of larger social media networks.

I pay ~$35 for the VM, ~$14 for storage per month. So, approximately, $50 per month for about 140 active members. That's $.39 per person, per month, or a little more than penny a day per person.

I wonder how much it costs for the Devil's Network™ or the Bird Site to run per person.


Valga'm Deu...

My #Fediverse participation in a nutshell:

  1. Cracking jokes.
  2. Complaining.
  3. Resharing old content that my bots have dug up.