Let's have some more updates! It's not just corn, of course - my "three sisters" patch is literally in full bloom now. As well as the first ears of corn appearing, I have flowers on the beanstalks and my first pumpkin flower too!

Due to the corn maturing at incredibly different rates, I've been out there hand-pollinating the corn each morning. I have three stalks with various sized ears now, all starting to grow nicely.



Despite snowing since this morning, the colour from my beloved Acer Sango-Kaku (Coral-bark Maple) still sneaks through :)

If you want an Acer that looks good all year round, this is the one.


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A pretty flowering tree on my walk this morning

The garden catalog arrived. I glance through it and see that everything within falls into one of these categories:

- I’ve already failed at growing that, so no.
- I’m great at growing that, so I already have some. So, no.
- I don’t eat that, so why would I grow it? No.
- It’s invasive! Can’t fool me. No.

But then I take a closer look and there are twelve plants that are calling my name, and don’t seem to fall into the categories above. Amazing.