Blender Animation Studio does it again!

Coffee Run - Blender Open Movie -

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1K ⭐ GLOWING STAR for Movim on Github !

Movim is a great project which deserves a lot more attention and support - Jaussoin Timothée alias edhelas, the main developer, does a geat job.


We are looking for a new logo, which will be in line with the improved & more modern UI of our next major update. Designer & interested in helping our project? Check our call over at👇


is a spreadsheet editor.

Gnumeric can handle very large spreadsheet files with ease and starts up quickly. Gnumeric supports several formats, including open document format, custom XML, and Microsoft . Gnumeric features graphical widgets, many graph formats, random simulation, as well as all the usual features of a spreadsheet editor like quick summation and extrapolation.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: gnumeric

It's that time again, halfway through making a proof of concept for a new project and seriously wondering if anyone would use anything like this…

Need to solve a few minor issues, will hopefully have some working demo

Are you one of those people with some mad system with lots of CPUs? Having a hard time trying to see them all? Well top is coming out with two new features.

The first is two CPUs per row for wide (about over 160 columns) screens.

The second is to be able to group cpus into, um groups, so you can see pairs of cpu stats aggregated or 4 aggregated etc.

Gibt's eigentlich einen guten Pollenradar? Wird mal Zeit, dass ich mir so einen zulege. Im F-Droid finde ich darunter nichts.