Just a quick reminder that #Wayland works just great on #FreeBSD. 🎉

Funny story. I purchased an AVR programmer several years ago and it never worked, still don't know why. I put it in the desk drawer and forgot about it. But I somehow remembered it has a PL2303 USB serial chip. And this year I bought a RS-232 converter and it doesn't work on FreeBSD, turns out it has a newer chip revision, and I need to make sure my patched serial driver won't confuse both chips. But I don't have an old chip for the test, or do I? I digged into the drawer and found the programmer, and it has exactly the old chip version I wanted... So yeah, perhaps true real destiny of my non-functional AVR programmer was to make a contribution to #FreeBSD. #electronics

Attempting to update #FreeBSD to 13.0-RELEASE on a virtual machine was up to a good start: a full disk clanged the process right in the middle and I had to start afresh... good thing it was a test machine haha!

But upon trying again it worked, and was quite easy in the end! I'm on the edge again!

FreeBSD 13 Released With OpenZFS Support and Performance Boost


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