Add animations in few clicks with Juice FX

Two modes: HD or Pixel style to fit your game needs which you can change at any time.

Tree made by artofsully using the "thanos effect" to give the leaves falling of wind feeling.

Crate animation entirely in JuiceFX
🥤 🥤

All static sprites. Fake particle effect enabling "Break" in FadeOut tab to slice the sprite in multiple small ones.

Crate by cyangmou
from his $1 asset pack:

📣 New release of Arena_lib (4.5.0) 📣

There are tons of new features, both for modders and players. For instance, right-clicking a sign now shows map credits 🎊

If you wanna know more, this is the log:

And if you want to just try it, you can find the new version on my Minetest server, "A.E.S." 🥑

If any or need a helping hand making their games accessible, check out these workshops!

real good tiles

character sprites, set 2! These are for another side character, a huge wolf lady. She has a lot of changeable parts - outfit, ears, snout, eyes and eyebrows.