Growing ? It's time to check if you have any garlic scapes, because if you don't take them off, you'll end up with small bulbs in the ground.

Short blogpost with detailed pictures on what to do.

:garlic: :garlic: :garlic:

Hi! I'm Alison, a PhD student in at University of . I'm finding a way to calculate ages of stars that are small, cool, and too old for us to currently measure — which will help teach us about the history of the Milky Way 🌌, the stars of "habitable" planets 🪐, and the physics of magnetic dynamos (ie the source of Earth's magnetic poles) 🧭.

I also love , , and working towards a safer, greener, and more just world 😊✊

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Today I managed to harvest the first of the Broad Beans. I didn't have quite enough fresh beans for the recipe, so I threw in some frozen ones with french beans and broccoli too.

I made a simple Broad Bean, Bacon and Potato dish, with scapes and mint from the garden too. It tasted delish. And we have enough for tomorrow night - yay!

Got some cilantro and basil started today, as the last thing I'll do before my surgery. I harvested a bunch of arugula that wanted to bolt; there is one flower each on the tomato and pepper; the calendulas are coming along; five of my walking onion bulbils did in fact sprout and are eagerly putting on inches.

I spot 1 cm worth of corn stalk!!