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Just a few years ago, the term "real woman" was often used to refer to women in media and advertising who weren't young, thin, light-skinned, conventionally attractive.

Now if you use the term "real woman" you are a transphobe.

Both interpretations are antifeminist but it really is remarkable how quickly language and perception changed.

Yeah! Sure! That's one explanation. Or people, even small kids, are simply able to identify one's sex by simply looking at them, without obsessively scrutinizing their "genitals".

And maybe, just maybe, it's not a good idea to push the word "genitals" constantly at everybody including children.

¿Por qué es "discurso de odio" reconocer la realidad, hablar de la inmutabilidad del sexo en nuestra especie, mencionar la jerarquía de castas sexuales y visibilizar las problemáticas que atraviesa un sexo o los privilegios que tiene el otro? ¿No es eso otra muestra de jerarquía donde el sexo privilegiado censura y mantiene en regla a la otredad?


Why is it "hate speech" to recognise reality, talk about the immutability of sex in our species, mention the hierarchy of sexual castes and make visible the issues that one sex goes through or the privileges that the other has? Isn't that another display of hierarchy where the privileged sex censors and keeps 'The Other' in submission?