(Pumpkin headed character, cheerful, colored inks)

Ink October 2020 Day 19 "Dizzy"

[CW a big face that might be startling idk]

ISS exp 63

Huevember in October 04-08!

Dipping into some figure work, trying to pay attention to values. This is a very nice way to try out the brushes and effects before committing to a larger painting with them.
It's hard not to fix everything in these, but I'm learning a lot about not doing only a half-hearted sketch, but really digging into it, and hopefully doing multiple iterations in the future.

Time for some !


The Headless Hessian.

Sketching Maya in some sci fi for a quick / . I've had the mask down for a while but it was fun to try and pin down the suit as well.


The Bos Eten guardian from our campaign. Maya challenged it to steal an artifact hidden in the biosphere it guarded, then busted it out, cause she's a sucker for setting people free.

Featuring my new alcohol markers! And line weight. The line weight looks great but the notebook paper wasn't really up to the task, so a lot of smudging.

“They found their victim, a young ‪girl that they put Dizzy with chloroform.”‬
This year I will do inktober with the very talented @lady_alice_art on Instagram
‪ ‬