Hi all!

I'm Squid (they/them), a Canadian artist specializing in watercolour and india ink. I paint mostly pet portraits and wildlife art in a rainbow style. I run a sticker and print shop on Etsy and love noodling new, cartoony designs. Cats and reptiles are my jam!

#introduction #mastoart #spoonie #lupus #mecfs #rainbowart #cat #bordercollie #crestedgecko #seagull

I'm Daniel (they/them), a Marie Curie Research Fellow working in the UK (Manchester) but actually from Portugal.

PhD in Communication Sciences.

I work mostly with gender, sexualities and new media. Main areas of interest are Consensual Non-Monogamies #CNM, #polyamory, #BDSM, #gender, #cyberculture.

Will always rant about the Anglosphere.

I am a philosopher working on philosophy of language and metaphysics. I mostly think about questions raised by Frege, Russell, and Wittgenstein.

I haven't been in the habit of posting much, but maybe I will get back to it.



I might as well ramble about my malfunctioning vacuum or think out loud about random technical questionings.

See my toots as messages in a bottle.
If you can relate to it and answer, that's cool.
If I don't make any sense, that's cool too.

Either way, thanks for having me.

Time to tell people about myself again - all the cool kids are doing it!

Working on my MSc thesis, designing, building and launching a ChipSat! Also getting distracted by almost everything to do with space, and quite a lot not to do with space. Always interested in learning but chronically disorganised.

Leftist, anarchist, main at @RedFuture

Ask me space stuff - if I don't know the answer I'll have fun finding out, and it'll be a good excuse to procrastinate!