Hey I am finally trying to ditch corporate social media and privacy unfriendly apps. During this internal and very difficult process I have discovered the terminology. Here I am to meet you all and why not, bring other folks over to the ! I like to use my social media to pick up information on a wide range of topics such as:

Well hello QV! My first toot. Here to learn about any subject and toot about my experiences in ICU as a nurse in the Netherlands.

Learned about this site keeping up with the works of the great @ThomasWic and fell in love with the constructive discourse here.

Glad to become part of this community of polite and knowledge-seeking people!

(O, and I'm 100% legal; Robbers really is my last name­čśë )

Moin ich bin Simon Berger.

Ich bin Freier Fotojournalist, meine Schwerpunkte sind hierbei die Rechtsradikale Szene, ÔÇ×QuerdenkerÔÇť und Proteste. Auch die Emanzipatorische Linke nimmt einen gro├čen Teil ein. Unterwegs bin ich viel in Sachsen/Chemnitz aber auch ab und au├čerhalb.

Bilder landen immer auf Flickr: flickr.com/photos/190181158@N0

/ /

hellooooo, im lucy, an 18 y/o lesbian trans girl.

i might be plural, might not be (big uncertainty atm)

im a vegan libsoc but im admittedly not very knowledgable on much in-depth leftist stuff.

im into astronomy, maths and physics (hoping to study astrophysics!)

im way too into cs:go

i really really really like affection lol

nice to meetcha ^-^

Howdy! The name is Robin/Birdy on the interwebs. I do mainly character design and oc art! I like talking about video games, dumb thoughts i have, and just my ocs.


For those that are new, Hi! I'm Talon! I mainly talk about , and - I mean to talk about more but for some reason that never happens.
Webdev during the day, audio game dev and music producer at night. Oh I also make sure dragonscave.space sorta kinda mostly runs.

Hello there, this is my post (or toot)

My name is Chris(tian), a passionate developer, avid blogger, DIY enthusiast from Italy

Italian, german & english speaking.

Hobbies: running, swimming, wood working, 3D printing, programming & FOSS of course :)

More about me here cri.dev/about/

And what I'm up to now cri.dev/now/

New !
I'm Alistair, or Al or Morgan, I'm not picky- I'm a queer baby witch who's trying my Damn Best. I'm extremely tough and I'll cry right now to prove it. I'm transmasc and also nonbinary, aroace-spec and also polyamorous, and several funky forms of neurodivergent. I live with my two partners in OK, and I like to read and write and make art and listen to music. My communication skills are bad, it's not you it's me, I promise.

Hello there, this is my post (or toot)

My name is Richard, a webmaster, developer, from Massachusetts, USA

Korean, French and English speaking.

Hobbies: backpacking, traveling, playing music, biking, reading

Hey there, I'm Wolfie and this is my !

I've recently moved from @veggie_wolfie and my main account is @wolfie

I'm 36 and Ive been since I turned 18 in 2002, with occasional forays into alternatives in recent years.

I would describe my cooking skill level as: can follow a recipe and switch ingredients according to preference/to make it veggie, but also often lacking spoons to make anything too complicated

Here to share and enjoy recipes and such!

I just got a bunch of followers who seem to have just joined the fediverse. I guess my last blog post sparked a lot of interest.

A warm welcome to all the newcomers! (And don't forget to write your posts­čśë)

Hi all. I'm Devin Prater, previously @devinprater and @devinprater. I'm 26 years old, from Alabama in the US. I enjoy relaxing, eating, learning about technology (mainly Linux, command line programs, and getting into Python), and reading. I'm also blind, and advocate for the accessibility of Linux, desktop environments, and open source in general.

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toot de :

olá! sou o leonardo, homem branco cis gay de sp, bibliotecário curioso, entusiasta do DIY, à favor de uma internet livre.

sou novato no linux/ubuntu, e adoraria me aprofundar em programa├ž├úo, mas por enquanto ├ę s├│ uma aspira├ž├úo.

português e inglês são ok, mas arrisco um francês bem qualquer coisa quando estou inspirado.

meus hobbies são leitura, cinema, música, observar pássaros e conversar.

ainda estou descobrindo tudo por aqui, então tenham paciência.

I'm a student of the applied sociology and social anthropology at Warsaw University. I'm planning to do my master's degree in politics on the internet but I still don't know what it will be exactly about. I'm thinking about Twitter trolls, Facebook groups, extremist Telegram chats, and various similar topics.

Professionally I work in IT as a front-end developer focused on UX design. I have some graphic design experience as well.

I occupy my free time with art and journeys.