First toot and first time on Noagendasocial! Thanks to my sister for hitting me in the mouth 😊😊

Hi fediverse! I'm a GNU/Linux geek that love everything about free software! just learning to code GO. I suck to be honest but hey...

I have two question for all the amazing people here:

where can I find good foss mastodon profiles and how can I be sure a wifi card uses is compatible with the Linux-Libre Kernel? I want to use parabola(I use Mint now) but where can I buy a wifi that will work 100 % on parabola? it is possible to just replace the wifi from one of the....

Hello there, this is my post (or toot)

My name is Chris(tian), a passionate developer, avid blogger, DIY enthusiast from Italy

Italian, german & english speaking.

Hobbies: running, swimming, wood working, 3D printing, programming & FOSS of course :)

More about me here

And what I'm up to now

Hello there, this is my post (or toot)

My name is Richard, a webmaster, developer, from Massachusetts, USA

Korean, French and English speaking.

Hobbies: backpacking, traveling, playing music, biking, reading

Hey, I'm Benedikt. Im a selfemployed consultant from germany. I'm currently developing in powershell, c# and bash on Windows and Linux systems.

I'm into gaming, OSS, Linux, woodworking and heavy metal :-)

Hi. I'm Steve / @interfluidity, a sometimes developer, sometimes writer. I enjoyed @garritfra's post, and thought I'd give this world a try.

Hello everyone. I spend my days turning neutrinos into bytes using Python and C++ through distributed concurrent data acquisition systems and data processing systems. I live a GNU/Linux based info life and look forward to seeing decentralized federated systems like fosstodon thrive. I've been around here before but am now rejoining with my IRL identity associated.

Interested in seeing what a federated, community-run social media site can do. I like vintage computing, aviation, cryptocurrency, and Venture Bros (obv)

hello I'm some what new to mastodon i moved back to the fediverse after i got sick of the garbage floating around on twitter

Hi there! I'm Renda, a full-time student, from Indonesia

I'm Justin, a CS enthusiast & student currently attending Georgia Tech.

I enjoy making dumb stuff, fun stuff, and occasionally useful stuff.

My personal site can describe a little more abut me.

Glad to try out a social media platform that I can ethically stand with!

curious to see a decentralized network catch on with the world.