This website is a great source of really cool , command line and Nerd stuff. 💪🙌

Thanks @hund 🖖 :linux: 🤓

I'm really loving :gnome: on :debian: :linux:. Such a great setup for the laptop.

i'm so proud of my SO.
she's using . at home and at org-work office. she's using nextcloud polls and jitsi to organize meetings. she's constructively (and passionately) complaining at her other job (school) why the hell are they forced to use M$ products.

and her emails are in plaintext.

(ok, i helped her to get into it and I provide some tech support here and there, of course)

Are you a enthusiast? We got you!

Hardened with Measured Boot (, ) and pre-installed (also Qubes OS!) coming soon. :)

Y U so pretty, bib gaem?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla running on under with .

(AMD Ryzen 5 1600 CPU, NVidia RTX 2070 Super GPU, running on Ultra @ 2560x1440, getting 60 - 80 FPS with occasional dips.)


J'aimais beaucoup l'outils de capture d'écran Shutter.
Il n'existe plus dans les dépôts.

Et je n'aime pas trop Flameshot.

Vous utilisez quoi comme outils de capture d'écran ?

Finally, if you have some GUI app that you want to use, you can install a minimal graphical environment which you can start and quit on-demand from the console (like a separate app)

Because I am a Haskell fan, I installed xmonad. Did it by following this tutorial, (there are many other great tips there).

Another window manager is dwm (recommended by @parasurv) haven't installed it, but their philosophy page looks nice

Der kleine Unterschied:
- : Öffne mir mal bitte diese 20 Ordner auf dem Desktop gleichzeitig, ich hab sie für Dich markiert und Windows so: NEIN, ich kann nicht mehr als 11 gleichzeitig öffnen!
- : Öffne 20 Ordner, Linux: OK

Ernsthaft, in so vielen Kleinigkeiten... source mastodon

🐧 Am Eingang zur e-Lok in begrüßt die Besucher der Linux User Group LinuxWorks! 💻


MX Snapshot: ¿Cómo crear un Respin personal e instalable de MX Linux? -

MX Linux incluye MX Snapshot, que permite prácticamente a cualquiera crear su propio Respin personal e instalable.

Funtoo and Sabayon is merging into a new container-based operating system called MoccacinoOS.


Feel free to explain to me (a traditional Linux user) how this is a good idea? What is the purpose for an operating system like this?

Hai una idea per la promozione di e del in Italia? Hai un po' di tempo e capacità, e vuoi metterne in pratica una già sottoposta? Dai una occhiata qui, e dacci una mano!

Diese alternativen Paketverteiler unter breiten sich auch aus wie die Pest. Der Vorteil einer zentralen Paketverwaltung wie oder ist dank und dahin. In Zukunft muss man sich also wieder um Updates für jede einzelne dieser Anwendungen kümmern, anstelle in einem Rutsch alles upzudaten. Scheiß System!

"Torvalds vorrebbe un nuovo MacBook con Apple M1 ma… "

Decided to switch the laptop that I use for writing to a fully command-line environment (no GUI) and it's been great so far <3. Working on the command-line is a huge productivity booster. Getting rid of the UI is an even bigger one. Some things take time getting used to, but I was able to get used to it in a day or two and it's totally worth it.

Thread for sharing more info about my setup.