Do you completely reject youtube for ethical reasons? ( By this, I mean you wouldn't watch a single youtube video even using free softwares like youtube-dl or Invidious).

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Canonical Continues to Help Promote Windows Instead of / or

Nice article and I have learned something new: 20 productivity tools for the terminal |

the only software that's allowed to use modes is Vim because I know how to use it already and I can participate in the time honored tradition of whacking newbies in the shins with a whiffle ball bat for not already knowing how to use vim

Starting from version 1.2.9, you will not need to reinstall Nitrux to upgrade to a new version. You will be able to get the latest version by upgrading packages, either using Discover or the terminal.

RetroArch running on the using for .

I don't enjoy carrying 2 laptops in the bag but I can't seem to find myself going without it.

Se avete un po' di tempo libero nel weekend potreste provare qualche gioco open source, come ad esempio lo straordinario Warzone 2100! 🕹️

Yeehaww - u-root can the live ISO! \o/

This is a for 's capabilities based on a slightly remastered ISO. See also for the feature request. :)

It's a bit slow in QEMU, sorry. ;)

Holarse Wochenend-Rückblick 2020-21 - Entwickler erzählen aus dem Nähkästchen - Neues Total War: Warhammer II-DLC und Skulls for the Skull Throne 4-Sale auf Steam - GOG läutet den Sommer ein - Civilization VI New Frontier Pass für

@selea I noticed that we don't have a sticker for linux-libre mascot Freedo, the penguin, can you add it please?

Comparte, líbremente y en privado con Jami

App de mensajería instantánea y mucho más totalmente Software libre.

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I'm gonna be whacking the techbro hornet's nest with a baseball bat for the rest of the afternoon probably

Linus Torvalds Switches To AMD Ryzen Threadripper After 15 Years Of Intel Systems - Phoronix

You can make a StreamDeck use obs-websockets on but it's not pretty.

Hey people of the fediverse!
Does anyone know a good task/todo application for linux which is able to handle caldav tasks?

I would prefer something based on GTK3 and being a standalone application - maybe also a selfhostable webapp as alternative.

Right now, I am using Evolution for this, but if often hangs, does not sync properly or just chrashes when switching between mail, calendar and tasks.

Are you one of those people with some mad system with lots of CPUs? Having a hard time trying to see them all? Well top is coming out with two new features.

The first is two CPUs per row for wide (about over 160 columns) screens.

The second is to be able to group cpus into, um groups, so you can see pairs of cpu stats aggregated or 4 aggregated etc.

Поставил вчера в виртуалочку . Просто охренел от скорости загрузки!
И очень понравилась функция инсталлятора для тестирования скорости разных зеркал репозиториев, и добавление самого быстрого.

Но потом какая-то хрень получается. Этот их пакетный менеджер apk (прям как расширение файла программ для Android OS) очень шустрый, но в нём нихрена невозможно найти. Пакет отстаёт от последнего стабильного релиза на 4 версии. Пакетов для я вообще никаких не нашёл, хотя туториалы в интернете пишут о пакетах вида php7, но нихрена не находит.
Как устанавливать графические оболочки не описано в wiki.

Для чего он вообще годится-то?

Wenn ihr Euch jetzt mit GUI Programmierung beschäftigen wolltet z.B. mit Python, würdet ihr dann eher oder verwenden und warum? Primäre Platform ist natürlich , sollte aber auch auf lauffähig sein
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