2. One way to achieve this would be by dropping a MOAB just before inauguration, that is so explosive it essentially forces Biden into hiding & immediately removes all legitimacy from his entire crew.

Let's see what happens. You can be sure that Trump has something BIG planned.

IMO the bad guys know, too. That's why Biden & Co are so terrified right now.

The end.

I made this cartoon three yrs ago, Scott Adams saw it and re-tweeted it saying “this is brilliant from start to finish” I was humbled and sadly as it turns out... prophetic... YouTube started shadow banning me soon after...


I'll tell ya something... I think I'm like a flinching dog, I barley have any followers on this site yet the engagements for my "toots" are pretty good... I have been throttled & shadow-banned for so long by all the big companies... I have actually forgotten what that's like to be seen... so thanks for that QV peeps

Lou Dobbs: Obamagate Uncovered:@JSolomonReports expects the declassified Obamagate documents to be released by tomorrow afternoon. t.co/DPA7EazP37

This is now gone way past absurd cartoon status


We’re about to witness something that will be written about for decades – my kids will tell their kids about it. Years from now millions will say “I was there when…”

Being too lazy to go and look it up, I believe that back on Jan 6th, the president said, “… go home… stay inside… be peaceful” – after seeing the NG buildup, I get why.

The Left is going to lose it’s collective shi…. well, you know….



Wow, all of the E.O.’s today have provided interesting reading for my holiday.

Then there’s an additional Project Veritas release on Twitter.

And material that’s is supposed to have come from Hunter’s laptop. l00kinglass.com/springboard

The best is yet to come.

Trump's victory was to wake up a lot of people. Now it's up to us, we have to roll up our sleeves and fight the system. From tomorrow at 12 the first battle begins, Peoples vs Governments

@GenFlynn @SidneyPowell

Joe Biden has two distinctions...
1- the highest vote getting candidate ever
2- the first dictator-level inauguration ever
Seems an odd combo.