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Ma BD Les Vastes de Mondes de Magda, faite durant le confinement, est disponible ici :
➡️ mangadraft.com/bd/les-vastes-m

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Speedpainting 02062020.

👉 Mon 'Ma vie en Équilibre' sur la sort le 24 juin !
À travers ma rencontre avec la pole dance, je parle de et de la connexion à notre propre corps.

J'espère que vous apprécierez de lire ma BD autant que j'ai aimé la dessiner !


Turntables & Cables done :). 🎶 :blobcatcoffee: (Disco Dingo Jigsaw puzzle)

My latest . I thought I'd show you before and after. The before is me trying to work out which 4 colours worked best. This one took longer than usual, but I quite like the result.

Another excellent @welshpixie bookmark design 😊

An old sketch from 2018 that I still like. 🌸

this one was inspired by the orbs adventures beyond the ultraworld, a giant pulsating brain in the center of the ultraworld

148. Right whale, so named because they were the right whale to kill. They were hunted almost but not quite to extinction. They are still very endangered.

energy particles

Page from Beneath an Alien Sky. You can read it here webtoons.com/en/challenge/bene

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old and also retro

I made a new avatar that match my new haircut as well as a choker I crafted.

I'm hearing a shitstorm IRL approching... :p


étude d'étudiantes

more old motion graphic font art

this one was just a volumetrics test, i loved it

this one was a noise map anim test, also fun

Outworld Oddities - Page 64
Say goodbye to your pants.

You can read this comic in order at monster-gang.com/chapter/outwo !


It's time for another five pages of Cocoon! This time we get the last apprentice, Bretagne, and her... shenanigans.
Check out the pages here: comicsbyemily.com/cocoon/cocoo

I'm in need of some creative jumper cables.

Back in the days when the still lived a bit more, an intermediate edition happened in June. As good an excuse as any to pick up the where I left it. No promises on reaching 30 days or 30 pages, this time, though. Just trying to into a rhythm again.

Content Warning for a mention of food.

Here is the daily , made with and .

Inspired by Verner Panton

Sources and artwork are available under CC-By-SA licence there: