Do you paint & have fun with
@krita? If you like, post your recent work with this wonderful open-source software in this thread :). source 11  mastodon

a YCH sample preview featuring my OC Simon? maybe? idk how to price YCHs...

Two of my original "Travelers" still waiting for a home, now on sale at Gallery Nucleus!🙃 🎉

For 20% off use code: GOBBLE20

sale ends on nov 30th.


if you like this, you can support me in making this kind of art at

Some old limited palette speedpaints.

Taking notes during meetings is very important.

Peak Performance

An experimental scene - I find it refreshing to try something stylized once in a while. With Kianga this usually means VERY RED. 😼

Added color! I was on the fence about keeping the sketch lines on top, in the end I liked it more like this.

Prints in a while - I've got a massive queue ahead of this one - but I just finished the final bits 20 minutes ago, and holy crap I'm happy with it. Totally lost count of the number of layers.

When prints do go up, they'll be over here: