Science 😝 Experts 😲 Power

Since people in the future may wonder how I feel about the incident at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, this is my first, last, and only comment on the subject.

I kind of made this as a joke when I heard Beel call Lucifer "Sushifer" in the Arcadia audio drama tbh

Sushifer (Lucifer)
Malmon (Mammon)
Maguro-levi (Leviathan)
Satan-shimi (Satan)
As-mackerel (Asmodeus)
B-eel (Beelzebub)
Tako-belphie (Belphagor)
Ika-volo (Diavolo)
Kiroi barba-tail (Barbados)
Sim-ebi (Simeon)
Tamangel (Luke)
Uni-mon (Solomon)