My plan for ...

I shall begin broadcasting at at around 0.00 Central European Time on Saturday. I'll try to keep something going for 24 hours. As this is DRONE DAY, expect that most of it will be just that: drones. This excuses me from being actively in front of my instruments most of the time, but also challenges me to set up interesting overalpping textures that jostle each other.

Is anyone aware of an world wide book that you can use to search and share ?

I'm not talking about setting up your own collection of books, just something like Wikipedia dedicated to books.

I often want to share a specific book with someone, e.g. to recommend it. Amazon is more or less always the top hit on search engines.

Which solutions do you use? Best would be an open data / open source solution. Like for .

Heard this a few weeks ago on the podcast feed, but this from group is wildly good. Something about their resonates in my bones.

Вы это, конечно, слушали.
Но эту вещь можно слушать снова и снова.

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