I need equipment for music production at home. I have no idea what to buy. I used 2.0 on Atari ST back in the day, and nowadays I use .

I know how to use a , but I know nothing about recording and audio tracks (although @Linuxtjej has some knowledge).

I don't have much money.

I know and . makes me angry.

Where do I start?

The online festival I organize is next week! @nff is taking part :) More information here: vemom.net/


the glassy tones and abrasive interruptions are the same voice parametrized differently. one having been recorded into a looper for playing over the other. the looper is decidedly lo-fi and adds it's own bit of mess.

cc @noisevember

@noisevember continues with this little ditty about hanging out in a park in Munich. Again, any comments on mixing / mastering are appreciated as I am experimenting with different methods each time.