Before President Dipshit announces his gun control executive order tomorrow, I'd like to formally state that all of my guns were lost in a recent boating accident. A true tragedy.

If they don't believe me, they can come and find out.

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“Whenever I hear people that ecstatic about their vaccine, I try to remember them as they were at that moment: happy. Yes, I just want to make sure I have that memory of them before they either figure out they’ve been hosed, or duped, or worse!” — @adam #noagenda 1335

“Bring back Google Reader with a one-click subscribe so everybody can go back to little blog posts and then you can then make it possible for people to have a timeline. Bring back Google Reader, support RSS, you will be loved for it.” — @adam #noagenda 1323

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@Johncdvorak: I don’t know any black people that watch PBS News Hour with Judy. Just to see Yamiche? I don’t think so.
@adam: To be honest, I don’t know anybody who watches PBS News Hour with Judy!