"You keep your mask on and you'll be safe from me. I'm going to open carry so I'm safe from you." @adam may be my spirit animal. #1313

"The reason why the No Agenda show catches so many douchebaggery things is when you're not distracted by the video, then you actually hear what's being said and sometimes it's funnier than anything." — @adam 1313


@Johncdvorak: I didn't mean for that one to be an end-of-show ISO because I thought I was ragging on poor @darrenoneill enough, but if you want to keep pounding him, sure.
@adam: You know, twice a week, I think about how I'd like to pound him.

@Johncdvorak: People keep saying we can agree to disagree.
@adam: Well, it's a way of saying fuck you, I think.

@adam: I've been called an arrogant a-hole since I was 19.
@Johncdvorak: Oh yeah, for good reason!