Here is my final @noisevember piece for the year. I've enjoyed very much making the music and listening to everyone else's contributions. Actually, there are still some recent ones I have to get to.

Thanks to all who have listened.

I haven't posted to @noisevember recently, but I have been making sounds. I'm putting them all on the same page:


had this patch in place since Friday. Life saw fit to pause things until today. The apparent polyphony and timbre are mostly all due to a distorted reverb effect

cc @noisevember


Today I played with polyrhythms and Context PureData sequencer once again. Context is fun, but I'm not sure that it's something that I'd use a lot outside of noisevember experiments. On the other hand it gives me a lot of ideas how I can extend my workflow and my own sequencer in PD

cc @noisevember