OpenBSD Router Guide

In this guide we're going to take a look at how we can use cheap and "low end" hardware to build an amazing OpenBSD router with firewalling capabilities, segmented local area networks, with domain blocking, and more. We will use a setup in which the segments the local area ( LAN ) into three separate , one for the grown-ups in the house, one for the children, and one for public facing , such as a private web or mail server. We will also look at how we can use DNS to block out ads, porn, and other websites on the Internet.

And again, jcs@ totally nailed it. He wrote a new blog article about wireless audio with .

I prefer -F rsnd/1 -f rsnd/0 since this chooses USB audio before PCI audio but YMMV.

Providing authoritative DNS over TLS (DoT) service with on

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