This is your timely reminder that if you jump from #OpenBSD snapshot to snapshot (doas sysupgrade -s) you need to add -Dsnap to your pkg_add -u afterwards these days. New #release will drop soon.

Submitted my first patch to ports@ #OpenBSD
#nsh feedback welcome (and probably needed as my C programming is rusty as F**k)

If you have a laptop running #OpenBSD that uses the iwi(4) driver, could you please test this patch for me against -current?

This particular wifi device is likely to occur in Thinkpads of the x30/x40 generation.

La Communauté "OpenBSD Pour Tous" informe du correctif :

- Syspatch : XInput (2021/04/13)

#OpenBSD #syspatch #XInput #xenocara #obsd4a

Because there isn't a surfeit of #CLI #music players, even on #OpenBSD, I wrote my own #player and called it "rockout". The manual page is 3x longer than the shell script.