🎉 2.2 released 🎉

This new release adds external auth plugins, HTML emails, settings for anonymous users, better redundancy system management, video abuses improvements and many more!

Check the blog post for more information: joinpeertube.org/news#release-

And the complete changelog on github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors!

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I now have my perfect option to archive my favourite tips/tricks videos before they go missing from via url import thanks to my own instance, awesome!

Thanks @yunohost @Chocobozzz

Yunohost + peertube app = Peertube self-hosted for Dummies (me)

To all Developers that make these projects available to the masses, i.e. peeps lacking the skills otherwise .... I salute you:)

If you're a creator on #PeerTube, and you happen to use either #Reddit or #Lemmy, feel free to chime in with your channels:



Blender 2.83 LTS - Features Showcase - video.blender.org video.blender.org/videos/watch

Watch the trailer for the 2.38 release of Blender on

Support alternatives! Support OpenSource! Avoid centralized platforms!

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La v2.2 de est sortie ! 🎉

Au menu, pleins de nouveautés, notamment le début d'un gros travail sur l'UI, et pleins de choses côté serveur lui-même. Je vous laisse lire les nouvelles features !

Côté installation ça tombe malheureusement assez mal, le mois de juin est particulièrement dur cette année. Pas de weekend et peu de soirée dispo avant mi-juin... Je tâche de m'en occuper dès que possible !

Encore merci à toutes et à tous pour faire vivre l'instance 🤗

The 5 main feature showcase is now on 🙂

Thanks @Blender 😃

If only there was a federated replacement for YT, that allowed different video sites to share the load of hosting all the things ...


our :peertube: instance was updated to v2.2.0. :tchncs:

Bienvenue sur mon profil Mastodon ! 🤗​

Vous retrouverez ici un contenu similaire à celui de ma page Facebook mais moins caché par les pubs et le contenu putaclic polluant :blobangel:​

Pour ceux qui découvrent, voici la vidéo de présentation de la chaîne : tube.alternativons.com/videos/

Ayé, j'ai contribué financièrement au développement de #PeerTube v3 \o/

With the recent release of #Peertube v2.2.0 all hosted instances will be upgraded shortly.

This upgrade includes:
* improved emails (including HTML support in emails)
* anonymous users can now configure their experience (NSFW/P2P/autoplay/displayed videos policy)
* Many responsive & UI improvements
* and much more!!

To see full list of changes please review: https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/releases/tag/v2.2.0

This upgrade contains some database changes that enforce the requirement that a user and a channel cannot have the same username. I've already started reaching out to instances where this upgrade would be prevented due to this change, but if you don't hear from me then your instance doesn't require any additional maintenance, and the upgrade will proceed.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions/concerns.