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Per ein suchen 📹

Die vielen verschiedenen PeerTube-Instanzen lassen sich auch durchsuchen.

Du musst also nicht unbedingt wissen, auf welcher Instanz dein Lieblingsvideo liegt. Suche einfach nach dem Namen, Videobeschreibung ...

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🤓 Kein YouTube mehr 😜

Thoughts of Chris Were about YT forcing ads on all content creators and about PeerTube and other alternatives.

PeerTube Admin 8: YouTube forcing ads, Monetarization of video content, alternative communities on PeerTube

@bob is a instance that is run by 5-10 people whom I don't know. I have only meet one of them and that was more than 15 years ago. How can this site function and give a good expirence? Think about this as it's different to most of the things we think about in building tech, look at the rest of hundreds of peertube instances as examples of the mess we are in. trust is the glue

One feature that #PeerTube is really missing: you can't seem to look at your own list of channel subscribers?