"Caution! Photographer!" "What?" "Where?" "WTF!?" 😉

Here I am. 🙋 Doing anew. Since my 1st intro, a lot has changed:

I now , thanks to . I'm not a geek, but I get to say that I work for a company 😉 that does . My official role is but because my manifested itself useful, I've also become the designated elf. 😊







It's My Toy and You Can't Have It...
My Dog ZaMese

Canon SL2/200D - Canon 18-135mm IS Lens - ISO 3200 - f/5 - Exposure 1/60

I cleaned up the scans of the last 35mm reel I developed, so here, have a few choice bits.

(I, like all other losers who can't develop a film without getting dust on it, pray at the altar of Clone Brush. So. Many. White. Dots.)

A PS Vita photoshoot! I don't play much anymore, but man, it still *looks* great, at least!

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