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Testing Megi's new p-boot-image ( on my @PINE64 :

(I have to say that I love the new "boot from eMMC" option, that one alone makes p-boot a lot more interesting.)

Eine Liste mit ganz vielen Programmen:
Die integrieren sich hervorragend in euren Desktop,wenn ihr oder irgendwas anderes auf GTK Basis nutzt und dank funktionieren einige auch hervorragend auf dem 👍 Das sind alles noch richtige Programme.Manche koennen sogar bestimmte Electron Webapps ersetzen 😍

Having fun with @ManjaroARM on the @PINE64 🥳

Since 7 of 10 people on a poll have told me that they were unable to get more than 8.5 hours out of their , I wanted to let all of you guys know that I've been able to fix this issue by reflashing my image using the edge branch while rebuilding outdated packages.

My guess is that the crust firmware on these older images is defective.

Boosts appreciated! Let people know!

Sometimes I wish I'd bought a , even though it's not really ready. But then I see these hardware upgrades coming out. And I know I'd never install those since I'm not a hardware guy at all. So I'm better off waiting as long as possible to get the most mature hardware revision.

Last beta3 of Manjaro for pinephone is awsome

Many improvement