Hi !
I'm Jess and a a Senior Concept artist currently interested in some freelance!

Thanks for looking and sharing :D

Art: artstation.com/chengeling


I wanted to share here for Portfolio Day, but I'm a day late. Hi there, I'm Christopher! I'm a storyboard artist looking for work in TV animation. I'm available now for board artist or revisionist work.

Portfolio: birnbaumcc.com/storyboards
Email: cabirnbaum@protonmail.com

Hey there , my name is Plume. I specialize in lotsa critter art, and I dabble in other styles! Looking to do illustration work ☺️

🐤 Behance: behance.net/prismplume
🐤Twitter: twitter.com/prismplume
🐤IG: instagram.com/prismplume/
🐤Tumblr: prismplume.tumblr.com

💵 Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/prismplume

Hey  I’m a monster and concept artist from Chiapas, Mexico looking for work! I recently worked as a Prop designer on the animated show Onyx Equinox!

Contact 1monarobot@gmail.com
Portfolio monarobot.com