If I do a live online workshop on writing #Python modules using #rustlang, will you join it? It will be around 2 hours long at least. Reply to the thread if you want to join in. Please RT for more reach.

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Thanks, #python, I hate it.

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I'm working on a A5 zine pdf generator with python's FPDF library. It takes a text as an input, including image filenames too, and creates an A4 signatures of 2 pages. If you like to peep in the code:

The second file is the latest version, subclassing the FPDF.
I'll be adding future versions as new files.
And yes, it's on github for now, sue me :P

#pdf #script #zine #python

That moment when code isn’t magic or Investiture, but simple commands and building blocks strung together. When the code is demystified. Now I just have to find some darn time to learn more, lol.

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