I finished reading "My Own Story" by Emmeline Pankhurst, and I have this uncanny feeling of clear parallels emerging between suffragettes struggles and current terf wars. We have right to vote. But we lost right to define the womanhood. We are losing the right to even talk about the facts fundamental to being a woman. Were suffragettes battles worse or are terf wars doomed. . . Hard to tell. One thing is clear, though - different centuries, the same patriarchal crap. Women who refuse to take that crap with subservient smiles must suffer - threats, insults, abuse, bans - it was so a century ago, the rule still stands true today. Women will not be erased, no matter how hard they try to scare and silence us.
Let's turn the heat up in fighting our terf wars!

One of the biggest lies that liberal feminism ever created was that hyper sexuality and sex work is « empowering ». Especially as it relates to promoting images of black women. The same women who promote hyper sexuality as « empowering » are the same ones who don’t have to deal with the consequences of it. They have regular jobs and regular lives meanwhile black women are more likely to be sexually exploited and have higher assault rates regardless of income/socioeconomic status.

Just a few years ago, the term "real woman" was often used to refer to women in media and advertising who weren't young, thin, light-skinned, conventionally attractive.

Now if you use the term "real woman" you are a transphobe.

Both interpretations are antifeminist but it really is remarkable how quickly language and perception changed.


While I am taking care of my art devices, I have remembered some old cartoon based on a Russian fairytale "Clever Daughter"
It`s about 2 brothers going to a court in order to figure out if a foal lying under a cart is a cart`s foal or the similar to him mare eating grass nearby is his mother.🐴
It`s one of my favorite cartoons which have been produced a decade + ago and they still relatable and funny. :blobcatpurplegem:

I want to know your opinion about this in the comments