Working on using libprce2 in meli: You can define regexps in your theme's configuration to alter how e-mail text is displayed

ktrl is a Linux keyboard programming daemon.

ktrl is heavily inspired by the amazing open-source keyboard firmware project QMK. You can think of ktrl as an attempt to re-implement QMK as a Linux daemon. #Rust

Learning for the 3rd time. It's much smoother than the first two times, but still I'm writing code very slowly. This time I'm also learning (via ) and , none of which I knew anything about.

I think it's important for educators to learn new things, if just to remember how learning goes. Once again I am reminded that the way that I learn things is completely unrelated to how we teach things at college. Does anyone learn programming the way they teach it at college? With toy exercises and quizzes?

I learn mostly by refactoring and breaking other people's code. We don't really teach either of those things in our curriculum.

Presenting an introductory talk on today. Wish me luck!