I wrote about two new user focused features in the latest Tor Browser update from @torproject kushaldas.in/posts/onion-locat

Looking for trustworthy ways to stay in touch with family and friends or at work? We're launching NitroChat and Nitrokey Meet today.

It's free of charge, , with built-in and .

Give it a try and let us know what you think! :)


Yet more evidence we should all be using or another browser with a proven record on user rights and .

" was sued on Tuesday in a proposed class action accusing the internet search company of illegally invading the privacy of millions of users by pervasively tracking their internet use through browsers set in “private” mode. "


If it wasn't clear already that cares more about money than its users' and , here you have it:

"Only our paid users will have access to end-to-end for their meetings."

Source: blog.zoom.us/wordpress/2020/05

The Kit has now been translated into its 20th language, (Basque)! Many thanks to @IKMAtaldea@twitter.com for the translation - you can learn about , , and in Basque here:


is a kernel fuzzer.

crashme is a program that executes random data to try and crash the kernel or virtual machine. crashme supports opening subprocesses which can increase the amount of instructions executed on multicore systems. crashme logs any errors or issues while executing instructions.

Website 🔗️: people.delphiforums.com/gjc/cr github.com/gjcarrette/crashme

apt 📦️: crashme

Tor Browser Makes it Easier to Find .Onion Addresses


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