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When researchers find a flaw in the way #Signal #Signalapp circumvents censorship in Iran (leading to identify its users), their issue get deleted from Signal's Microsoft Github and they get banned from Signal's repository...

..but only because they allegedly violated a "code of conduct" by being "disrespectful"!

Morality is safe! Iranians, maybe not... As long as we don't hear about it, there is no problem, right?


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I just convinced an older blind teacher that uses WhatsApp to communicate with his students (he prefers voice messages to typing) to try out #Signal! And so far, he likes it! 😁
Obviously, this doesn't mean his students will want to switch. But I got one person to care about privacy a little, and that's a start, right? A lot can be accomplished through friendliness and small steps. 🙂
I'm glad that Signal being pretty accessible makes this possible. Now, if only their desktop app sucked a bit less ...

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Koncno nasla varnejso sms aplikacijo za #Android (a), ker niso vse_i na #Signal(u) >> #Silence.

Namesto pocasnega #Tor(a) za brskanje vsakdanjih reci nasla >> #Fennec (a), ki naredi obvoz guglu.

Kako malo lahko naredi dan lepsi 😄🐲 #varnost #aplikacije